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intellimacro's Journal

Image Macros for the Intelligentsia
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Cats. Adorable? Sure. Image macros. Absurd and amusing? Well, sometimes. Regardless, there are only so many variations one can have of yelling walruses--or walri--before a certain class of people says enough is a enough. The type of people whom one can imagine scanning a leather bound edition of The Iliad as Mozart's "Turkish" concerto plays in the background. Or, to be more blunt, really nerdy people with far too much schooling. For this rare breed, we present Intellimacro: Image Macros for the Intelligentsia.

No real ground rules, simply take your favourite figures from your useless overeducation and combine it with a stupid caption. Easy peasy. Dead people preferred. Astronomers, authors, philosophers, historical statesmen (and women), scientists, anyone who has made a fairly well-known contribution to world history. Play nice and try not to suck. Excelsior!